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Homework Policy

At Hoover School, we adhere to the guidelines set forth in the district Homework Policy. The BSD Homework Policy is the result of a two-year journey that started at our middle school and is now being implemented in all six elementary schools in our district. Parents, teachers and administrators representing all schools spent a year working with Denise Pope from Challenge Success to review current research, analyze the needs of our school community and write a plan that provides balance and meaning for students.


Our children have many commitments outside of school and we want to strike a balance between home and school by assigning homework that reinforces the daily lessons but provides time for ​ PDF​ ​ ~ Play Time, D​ own Time and Family Time. There are homework minutes assigned to each grade level and these minutes include reading each night. Our hope is that any extra time is spent “just being a kid” and spending time with family, reading for fun, enjoying the outdoors, exploring an interest or hobby.


Reading is a priority and is assigned nightly at all grade levels. Reading minutes are included in the total homework time.

Grade level guidelines are as follows:
K-1: no more than 30 minutes per night
2-3: no more than 45 minutes per night
4-5: no more than 60 minutes per night

Vacations, holidays and weekends are “homework free” and students are not required to do homework during this time. Long-term projects may span over a weekend, but must include at least 5 regular school days in the timeline for the project.


The key to the success of this program is communication. As parents, staff and students we all have unique responsibilities to make this plan successful. Please take some time to read through the attached policy and visit the Challenge Success website for more
information – The homework guidelines will be discussed each year at Back to School Night and this conversation should continue throughout the school year as needed. The teachers and principal are available at any time to talk about your individual child and homework, please ask.