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Why the Hawks

  • In 1932, the mascot for Hoover School was the Falcon. When Hoover closed in 1978, most of the students transferred to Franklin School. To incorporate the two schools, Franklin became the Falcons and adopted the colors of red and white.  Since Falcons and Hawks are both part of the raptor family, it is fitting that we stay closely related to our first mascot!
  • Herbert Hoover, our namesake, was originally from Iowa and the mascot for Iowa University is the Hawkeyes!
  • Hawks have keen "vision" and can see eight times better than a human – hence our vision, "Together we can SOAR"
  • Hawks choose their partners for life and live as a community.
  • Hawks are diurnal - meaning they are active during the day, just like the students at Hoover.
  • Hoover Hawks live in the hills above the campus and can be seen every day flying overhead or perched in the trees – they are already part of the community!