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Annual Themes

Annual Themes at Hoover
To build community and share a common experience throughout the school, each year, Mrs. Booth chooses a theme (based on a book).  The theme is shared with staff, students, and parents at the start of each school year and the thoughts and ideas take life as the year passes.  What often starts as a simple idea grows due to the creative spirit of our school - some examples include themed family nights, cross-grade level experiences, and lots of art projects.  The theme has even been used as a common language for is to come together in good times and challenging times.  Take a journey through our yearly themes.... wonder what this year will bring?

Circles Begin with You
Hoover's 2022 - 23 Theme ~ Circles Begin With You
Based on the book, The Circles All Around Us, by Brad Montague
This year we came full circle, adding new people, new relationships, and new experiences to our circles.  As our circles grew, we had to open our hearts and our minds to new ideas and new ways of thinking...it wasn't always easy, but it was worth it!  Who did you add to your circle this year and what new things did they teach you?
There were examples of circles throughout the school - in art projects, Family Science Circle Night, decorations, community circles, and School Family days.  This schoolwide art project includes a portrait of every student and staff member that is part of our Hoover Circle.
Post office
Hoover's 2021 - 22 Theme ~ You've Got Mail
This book was inspired by a first-grader named Peter who wanted to start a post office at Hoover!
After being away from school for many months due to Covid, a Hoover first grader came up with an idea to start a post office so students could get to know each other again through the mail.  What started as a simple idea, started a year full of letter writing between classrooms, students, parents, and staff.  Students delivered weekly letters and we got to know each other better through the mail (and a bonus, we worked on our writing skills :)
This is a picture of our office mailbox - all of the classrooms had mailboxes too! When was the last time that you sent a letter?  Maybe you could start today!
something beautiful
Hoover's 2020 - 21 Theme ~ Maybe Something Beautiful
... and the Big Umbrella Revisited :)
Based on the book "Maybe Something Beautiful",  by F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell.
We spent the start of this year in distance learning due to Covid and revisited the Big Umbrella as our theme - since no matter how far away we were from each other, we were still together (even if it was on Zoom :).
When we all returned in the spring, we envisioned creating something beautiful again with the book, Maybe Something Beautiful - about a young girl who revives her neighborhood and community with art.  In this schoolwide art project, we created a beautiful city to represent our collective hope for the future ahead.
School Art Project ~ each student made a feather!
Hoover's 2019 - 20 Theme ~ Are You Ready to Fly?
Based on the book Flight School, by Lita Judge
This book is about a penguin who wants to fly and with the help of his friends at Flight School, all of his dreams come true. This year we created our own Flight School and all of the students in the school were challenged to create something that could fly - and then teach others!
If you believe in yourself and have the support of others, just think about how far you can fly!  Are you ready??
In this art project, every student in the school designed their own feather and the colors of the rainbow represent each of the grade levels in the school.
Hoover’s 2018-19 Theme - There's Always Room
Based on the book, The Big Umbrella by Amy Bates and her daughter Juniper
This book was written by a mother and her daughter who came up with this idea one day while sharing an umbrella.  The big umbrella spreads itself wide to keep ducks, bears, ballerinas, kids, adults, and all types of people safe and dry.  This story teaches us that “There is Always Room” for others.
In this art project, every student in the school is under the umbrella showing that we are all unique individuals who can make room in our day to include others.   How can we “make room” for others at Hoover and in life?


Hoover's 2017-18 Theme ~ We're All Wonders
Based on the book "Wonder", by  R.J. Palacio
“Look with kindness and you will always find wonder!” After all of the classes read this WONDERful book, we made a choice to always “choose kind”. If you look closely at this art project, each student decorated one-quarter of a circle with something that makes them a wonder.  What makes you a wonder?


Hoover’s 2016-17 Theme ~ In My Heart
Based on the book "In My Heart - A Book of Feelings", by Jo Witek.
In My Heart was our very first schoolwide theme when we opened Hoover in 2016.  All of the students, staff, and parents were heading out on a new journey with lots of different emotions to share.  
This art project features a self-portrait of every student in the school by grade level ~ can you see all of the different emotions on their faces? This picture is still in our upstairs hallway for our alumni who return to visit campus!