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School Handbook & More

School Handbook - The Parent Student Handbook serves as your one stop resource for all things Hoover.  Inside you can find the Bell Schedule, Attendance Procedures, Arrival and Dismissal plans and more.

Key Calendar Dates - Here is a list of key dates for the 2018-19 Hoover school year.  Please refer to the calendar on our homepage for the latest and greatest information on Hoover happenings.

Hot Lunch - The Burlingame School District uses MySchoolBucks.com to manage students' hot lunch accounts.

Hoover Hot Lunch Menu

The Big Five Safety Plan - The Burlingame School District and Hoover Elementary School follow the safety guidelines set forth in the Big Five, a common emergency plan adopted by all San Mateo County School Districts and law enforcement agencies.

San Mateo County Big Five Safety Plan

Safe Routes to Hoover - Getting Your Kids to Hoover Safely, Calmly, and On Time

Fingerprinting - Volunteers who work directly with students and are not under the direct supervision of a certificated staff member must be fingerprinted. This will include anyone driving students on a field trip. Turn-around time for fingerprinting results can take up to 4 weeks, so please plan accordingly. Fingerprinting for other agencies does not provide the results to Burlingame School District – volunteers must fingerprint using the Burlingame Livescan Request Form in order for the District to receive the results.